What’s Next? Planning for the Future

you-must-not-be-afraid-of-dreaming-a-little-biggerToday’s post is inspired by The B Bar’s May Linkup: Your Future (which I am kicking myself repeatedly for missing), but have decided to post anyways because this is something that has been weighing on my mind lately. Although it’s very scary and nerve wracking to admit some of this, I just feel it would be good for me to get out.

About two years ago I decided that I was going to take on the daunting task of attending law school, and up until recently, I was completely fine with that decision. As the moment draws closer and closer (I’m taking the LSAT in October), I’m becoming extremely apprehensive and dubious questions fill my mind. Is this something I’m sure I want to do? Will I be financially stable afterwards? But the most important question of all: Will I be happy?

Obviously only time will tell, but I find these questions repeating over and over in my mind, which has made me second guess my decision. Unfortunately, it’s a decision I feel so trapped in.

I’m majoring in Journalism and minoring in Political Science (as well as Latin American Studies, but only because I need to graduate LOL), and although I love writing, it’s surprising to people when I say I have ZERO interest in writing for a newspaper or being an investigative reporter… and I mean ZERO interest. I’ve written for my high school and now college’s newspaper for about 4 years, and there’s no passion or spark. So, this doesn’t leave me with many options except for law school.

Now, I know many people say the worst thing is to do something that doesn’t make you happy – and I agree. However, I’ve decided that my plan is to complete law school, maybe practice a little (there’s a variety of opportunities available with a law degree), and then eventually create my own business. I recently stumbled upon Packed Party – a cool site that sends you little gifts for any occasion, such as a birthday or breakup – and I realized that I love stuff like that. I want to create something… well… creative. I think I have a lot of creativity harnessed inside of me that’s just waiting to burst out, which I know will eventually be put to good use.

However, even with all of the trepidation, this is something that I not only want to accomplish most importantly for myself, but for those who I know doubt me.

So for now, law school it is, I suppose. It’s only three years, and it could be worse… there’s this thing called medical school 😉

Does the future scare you?

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