Martha’s Vineyard: What to do in Edgartown

Ah, Martha’s Vineyard. One of the most popular destinations along the East coast – and one of my favorite places to visit! There’s a handful of different towns to explore on the island, and my second favorite is Edgartown. My first choice is Oak Bluffs – and I’ve covered all my top recommendations for that in my What to do in Oak Bluffs Guide! Compared to Oak Bluffs, I’d say Edgartown is a little less casual, and offers a lot more fine-dining restaurants and trend-forward boutiques. The Obama’s have a house down there, so that should tell you something about the vibe. 🙂 Let’s dive into my guide on what to do in Edgartown!


I provided full details on arriving to Martha’s Vineyard in this guide. Similar to Oak Bluffs, you’ll take the ferry over from Woods Hole to either the Oak Bluffs or Vineyard Haven ports. From there, you can catch a bus or call an uber to drive you down to Edgartown. I’d say it’s about a 20-minute drive, which isn’t bad at all!

If you decide to fly into Martha’s Vineyard, then the airport is only about 15 minutes away from Edgartown, which is much more convenient!


As I mentioned before, Edgartown provides a lot more fine-dining options than some of the other parts of Martha’s Vineyard and is the perfect location for those nights when you want a fancier dinner and to get dressed up! Of course they have plenty of casual options, too, but I prefer Edgartown for when I want to go all out.

Atlantic Fish and Chophouse

Atlantic is one of the most popular restaurants in Martha’s Vineyard – and especially in Edgartown – and rightfully so. The food is spectacular, the wine selection is great, and the view is even better. Situated right on the water, diners can take in a stunning view on their back patio! The front patio (pictured below) is also incredibly darling and provides for some great people watching. We make it a point to go here at least once each time, and we always try to make sure to get a patio seat if possible. It’s fantastic during the day, but it’s more beautiful to sit out there and watch the sunset. When it’s a bit chilly, they have heaters to keep you warm! You can pop in for a glass of wine, or you can make a reservation for dinner. If you do, I highly recommend the lobster ravioli… it is to DIE FOR. Word is from one of the waiters that Michelle Obama loves this spot!

19 Raw Oyster Bar

Okay, 19 Raw is by far my favorite restaurant in Edgartown and I’ve gone multiple times each visit. As the name suggests, the oysters are fantastic! I mean, seriously, some of the best oysters I’ve had. In fact, each time we go we end up placing multiple orders because they’re just that good. It’s the cutest restaurant and if the weather is nice, I highly recommend sitting on their outside patio (if you can’t tell – I really love a good patio). It’s on a super quaint side street and is just the perfect atmosphere. Their food selection is really good (don’t miss the lobster slider) and I love their cocktails, too!

Also, if you’re heading back to Oak Bluffs from Edgartown, you can catch the #13 bus just a few steps away from the restaurant!


Chesca’s is another amazing choice for Edgartown restaurants. It’s an Italian restaurant with the most amazing food! I mean, seriously. This last time we ordered the lamb bourguignon, braised beef short ribs, white clams with angel hair, and sea scallops.

Now, I always try the clam chowder at every restaurant I visit (yes, every one!), and Chesca’s has my NUMBER ONE clam chowder on all of the island! It’s perfectly thick, creamy (I don’t like watery ones), and even has a ton of bacon in it. The bacon is what gives it the unique flavor. In fact, they know they have the best because the chef won’t even let you add oyster crackers to it! I have to admit, this doesn’t even need them. Highly recommend this spot!

The Seafood Shanty

Compared to the other two restaurants we’ve covered so far, The Seafood Shanty is definitely a more casual and affordable option. It’s a very large restaurant so seating is usually pretty quick, and is nice for popping in when you want to enjoy some good food (the sushi is great!). And of course – their outside deck situation is pretty spectacular. The upstairs deck overlooks the water and it’s such a great spot for watching all of the boats roll in! And I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that they also have a really good chowder.

The Newes from America

This place is really fun and cool, and is connected to the amazing Kelley House Hotel. They serve a mix of British and American food, and really have that cool pub vibe. They’ve got a really nice bar area for when you’re waiting for a table, and it’s certainly worth the wait! The food and drinks are delicious, making this spot a staple in Edgartown.

The Wharf Pub

The Wharf is totally a super casual place, and perfect for when you want to grab a beer and keep it low-key. It seems really popular amongst regulars, and can definitely spark up a crowd! You can watch a game and hear live music, too, which is always really nice. The food is pretty good, but I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite. Just nice when you want to chill out and grab something!


I haven’t had dinner at l’étoile, but they have a super cute bar which is a great spot for after-dinner drinks! We stopped in one night and had a nightcap after dinner at Chesca’s. It’s one of the rare places that stays open till 11 earlier in the season ha! I ordered a delicious espresso martini off-menu, but the offering is really good!

Other Edgartown Restaurants:


I always stay in Oak Bluffs whenever I visit, but there’s some amazing hotels in Edgartown, too! There’s plenty more options for lodging, but the ones below are those that I’ve seen myself or have heard great things from others:



Edgartown is one of the best places for shopping in Martha’s Vineyard! One thing I love about the island is that there’s not many chain stores (mostly Vineyard Vines and J.McLaughlin) and everything is local. Edgartown has some of the more higher-end shops, but there’s definitely something for everyone! Here’s a list of some of my favorites:

Walk Around

When you think of homes in Martha’s Vineyard, Edgartown is definitely the quintessential aesthetic! I love going off the main street and just strolling through the neighborhoods. There’s so many beautiful homes and yards, and I find myself daydreaming about owning one (I wish!)! We were also lucky to rent a jeep that allowed us to drive around and see parts that the buses don’t take you to!

Visit Morning Glory Farm

Morning Glory Farm is a huge farm of 65 acres located in Edgartown. They have fresh produce and groceries, but also serve bread, baked goods, soups, salads and more! I haven’t been myself, but I’ve heard nothing but great things. What from I’ve seen, it’s really pretty and is definitely on my list for next time!

Head to Katama Beach

Katama Beach is located in Edgartown and the largest public beach on island! It’s about three miles and is perfect for a morning or afternoon stroll. They also filmed Jaws here, but the infamous Jaws Bridge is in Oak Bluffs!

Visit Portobello Road

Okay, I had to dedicate an entire little section to Portobello Road, which is one of the most fantastic book stores! I’ve been to many different book stores, and this one is just so special. There’s such a wide variety of books, art, stationary, games… you name it. The owner is so wonderful and lovely, and is always happy to speak to customers! We visit here every single time and I always leave with something unique. What I really love is that he dedicates an entire section to Black authors and Black content. It’s always a great experience visiting here!

Check Out Chappaquidick

This is another popular activity that’s on my list! Chappaquidick is its on tiny island and you can take the quick ferry ride from Edgartown. Once there, you’ll see there’s only one main road and only one retail store! It’s also the place of the infamous Kennedy incident. There’s a lot to explore, however, such as the beach, lighthouse, and wildlife refuge!

And that’s my guide for what to do in Edgartown! Anything else I need to know?!

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  1. 7.4.22
    Kate said:

    I’ve always wanted to visit Martha’s Vineyard. It looks so pretty & charming & relaxing!

    • 7.21.22
      Lauren O. said:

      YES! You would love it! It’s seriously my happy place. Am I crazy for already wanting to go back?! LOL

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