Best of the Week VOL. 5

Lauren 4/12/15Happy weekend, everyone! So somehow Friday is already here, which is exciting and depressing at the same time. Only one more week till summer is over and school begins. My last week will be spent running around buying all of those back to school things (but mainly clothing because I need class attire, and going out attire). It’s also going to be spent exploring the internet aimlessly for whatever I find interesting, because that freedom will soon be over! Enjoy!

1. This week I’ve really been getting into “blogging behind the scenes.” Meaning: researching SEO, analytics, and all of those other really complicated things, and discovered two super helpful sites – especially for beginners like me! The Blog Market and The Nectar Collective have kept me super busy with homework!

2. You know that back to school shopping I was referring to? I picked up this pretty, pale rose dress from Urban Outfitters, as well as this lacey, blue bralette!

3. Everyone in my life says that I ask too many questions, which is definitely true. I’ll ask simple things, which can annoy some people, but Elite Daily says there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s a sign of intelligence, and those who do inquire a lot (hope it’s not just me?!) are often the happiest! Curiosity did NOT kill the cat!

4. I’ve decided to stop buying hair products with sulfates in them, and after extensive research decided on this shampoo and conditioner set. The coconut cream smells so yummy!

5. Kendi recently wore the blue shirtdress of my dreams

6. I usually stick to neutral-colored shoes, but these cobalt sandals are calling my name!

7. In case you missed it, I talked about my steal on these sandals, and also had happy hour in Cincinnati!

Hope you guys have a great (and SLOW) weekend! I’ll be attending a festival in our Little Italy, so make sure you keep up on my Instagram for all the delicious treats! 

*Original outfit post

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