My Three Fall Essentials

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I’ve always been pretty fond of Wednesday’s – mostly because they signify that the weekend is near! This Wednesday is even more exciting as I’ll be linking up with Rachel from Seashells and Sparkles, Cristina from Cristina on Campus, and Cathleen from Classy Cathleen for their monthly linkup! While some of the ladies are probably focusing on Halloween, I thought I’d switch up my focus!

Fall is finally here (and here to stay, it seems), and I couldn’t be more excited! I live for chilly days wrapped in cozy sweaters, seeing all of the pretty leaves change colors, and just that feeling of fall. I won’t include those warm drinks like pumpkin spiced and chai tea lattes because I drink iced coffee year-round and those just don’t sound appealing to me!

However, I’d have to say my favorite thing about fall is buying all of the cute fall clothes and shoes! In years past I would have no overall checklist of what to purchase for the season, but this year I’ve narrowed it down to the three fall essentials we all need.

My first fall essential is a suede ankle bootie. Right after I picked these pieces, I scored the best low suede ankle booties in olive green at TJ Maxx (never fails) and look super similar to these. BUT, I am still in conquest of a higher heel, and am highly considering this pair by TOMS or this pretty cognac pair. Now, you have don’t to purchase suede exactly, but I think suede is a bit more polished, and super chic. They can be worn with denim during the day with your girlfriends, or dressed up at night with a cute dress for date night. There’s nothing better than a piece that is super versatile.


My second fall essential is the poncho/cape trend that’s everywhere right now. I’ll actually be posting photos of one that I picked up over the summer, and it’s almost identical to this one (so stay tuned)! Because I’ve been super into them lately, I’ve been contemplating which one to pick up next. I love the ones in the above scroll-through, but I just recently stumbled upon this grey and black striped poncho (kicking myself for not picking it up when it was 60% off) and this multicolored one for more sophisticated looks. For those of us who are sometimes lazy when getting dressed, it doesn’t get any easier than throwing on one of these to jazz up your outfit!
My third fall essential is a suede skirt/dress… if you couldn’t tell I’m basically obsessed with suede right now. Anyways, I don’t know how to explain to you just why you need to purchase a suede skirt or dress, but please just take my word for it. I don’t think you can go wrong with this style and they’re perfecting for pairing with over the knee boots, or strappy ankle sandals. I picked this one up from Missguided, but have been seriously eyeing this buttoned skirt.

*A few other things I’ve been eyeing*

Have you picked up any of these items? If not, what are you coveting this season?!


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  1. 11.1.15
    Tina said:

    I agree with you that these are fall essentials! I need to get more suede in my life!


    • 11.2.15
      Lauren O. said:

      Yes, I am so obsessed with suede! I don’t know exactly why, but I think it just looks so good!

  2. 10.28.15
    Sydney said:

    I love suede, those booties and skirts are a must for fall!
    xo, Syd

    • 10.30.15
      Lauren O. said:

      Suede is seriously probably one of my favorite things! I want it on everything!

  3. 10.28.15
    Olivia said:

    I adore all of your picks!! TOO CUTE!!
    XOXO Olivia

    • 10.30.15
      Lauren O. said:

      Thanks so much, Olivia! Glad you love them!

  4. 10.28.15
    Rach said:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes to all of these. They’re all absolute necessities of fall as well as some great trend pieces. Thanks for joining the link-up!

    Xo, Rach

    • 10.30.15
      Lauren O. said:

      Thanks a lot, Rachel! I’m happy you liked the picks, and even happier that I was able to participate in the link-up!

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