My Favorite Virtual Workout Classes & Studios

It blows my mind that I’m writing a post like this because I used to hate working out. Honestly, I don’t love it now — but I’ve grown to appreciate it a lot more over the past one-and-a-half years since signing up for Classpass!

This year I set some goals for myself and it’s been so nice to notice a change and tick off little milestones for myself! Although quarantine has had its challenges, I’ve really focused on staying active — not only for my physical health, but my mental health, too.

Below are some of my favorite virtual workout classes and studios.


Number one on my list is my favorite gym, Trilogy! It’s located in downtown Cleveland and quite literally next door to me. It’s relatively new, and the facility is so nice and clean! Outside of quarantine, I always went to their bootcamp classes, and I’m so happy they’re still offering them! They were doing Bootcamp, Barre and other classes on their Instagram, but recently offered a digital subscription for $10 per month!


Okay, I loveee TRILLFIT and have been fitting in a few of their classes per week! My two favorites are the cardio sculpt and cardio dance. I love that you get such a good workout within just 30 minutes, and I am always sweating profusely when it’s over. They switch up their instructors often which is nice, and allows you to get a different vibe each time you take the class. Plus, their playlists are amazing!


Endorphin is a new-to-me gym based in Denver, Colorado. What I love about their classes are the words of encouragement and motivation, which push you to push yourself. Thus far I’ve taken several of their Dirty 30 classes (similar to a bootcamp), as well as their amazing Pilates class — which are both available via Zoom!

305 Fitness

I’ve only taken a handful of classes from 305, but my favorite is their dance class. It’s 45 minutes and the perfect workout. The instructors do a great job of teaching fun dance moves, but ad in some killer sculpting sequences, too.

Would love to hear any of your favorite virtual workout classes!

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