I Moved!

Drumrollllllllll… Back to Cleveland!

Writing this post is so surreal for me. I’m currently at the airport gate beginning this post (but have officially been in Cleveland for two weeks at this post’s publishing date) – which is a familiar occurrence for me – but this time it’s a bit different. This time… there’s no returning flight. While to some this may seem like a surprise – it’s actually been in the works (mentally) for quite some time! Although, you can’t be all that surprised since I’m always talking about how much I love Cleveland!

I originally moved to Chicago to attend my graduate program full-time (I wrote one post on the pros and cons of graduate school, and another on the biggest lessons learned from being a graduate student), but soon switched my focus to working full-time while going to school part-time, instead. I can’t even begin to describe just how amazing the past two-and-a-half years have been! I’ve made so many amazing friends that I’ll have for years to come, went on amazing adventures, had exhilarating experiences, grew immensely in my confidence and belief in myself, and developed tremendously as a young professional. Chicago was absolutely amazing to and for me!

However, I knew it wasn’t my forever. In 2017, the first time I visited home was in September for Labor Day. Nine months had rapidly gone by, and I didn’t really notice anything. Yet, as soon as I touched down in Cleveland – I immediately felt an immense amount of joy and happiness, and those feelings would continue for the next 15 months whenever I came home. Being home just felt so comfortable and free, and I felt I could be myself and be with the people I love – my friends and family! I don’t know exactly when it was decided, but I knew that I needed to move back home once I graduated from my program.

I won’t lie and say it was an easy decision, because it wasn’t. There was a lot of indecision, back-and-forth, many tears, second-guessing, and so much confusion. However, deep down inside I knew that God placed this desire in my heart, and that it would all work out! I’m so happy to share that it did, and I’m beginning a new journey (both in my personal life and career) in 2019, and cannot wait to see what’s in store!

I’m already missing Chicago and my best friends out there, but know that it’s just a 45-minute flight and that many visits are in store! I’ve now been in Cleveland permanently for two weeks, and have loved every minute of it.

2019 is already off to the best start.

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  1. 2.6.19
    Amy Arnold said:

    So glad you are in a spot that is good for you. Congrats on the move!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • 3.5.19
      Lauren O. said:

      Thank you, Amy Ann! I’ve been loving it so far, and am so happy to be back!

  2. 2.4.19
    Jessica said:

    Oh wow, this is super exciting dear! Wishing you all the best!
    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

    • 3.5.19
      Lauren O. said:

      Thanks so much, sweet friend!

  3. 1.28.19

    ahhh this is so exciting!! I hope you create so many new memories and make this place your new home!
    xx jen

    • 1.29.19
      Lauren O. said:

      Thanks so much, Jenny! I’m really looking forward to it, can’t wait for what’s in store!

  4. 1.28.19

    so exciting! Cleveland is such a great place!

    • 1.29.19
      Lauren O. said:

      Thank you, Kelsey! It really is! I’m already having so much fun 🙂

  5. 1.28.19
    Carolyn said:

    there’s no place like home! glad you’re happy and at peace with your decision and best of luck settling back in!


    • 1.29.19
      Lauren O. said:

      Thank you very much, Carolyn! It was definitely a tough decision to make, but I’m so happy I went for it! 🙂

  6. 1.28.19
    Kate said:

    OMG welcome home! Definitely request to join the Lady Bloggers of Northeast Ohio group on FB if you’re looking to connect with the CLE blogging community. There are a lot of us!

    • 1.29.19
      Lauren O. said:

      Thank you, Kate! And that sounds amazing – I’m going to join right now!! Always looking to meet new people!

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