One of My Skincare Secrets

Happy Monday, friends! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Two of my greatest friends from middle school (I know, right?!) came to visit this weekend, and it was seriously the best time ever! I was so sad to see them go, but am already looking forward to seeing them again soon!

 A few weeks ago I shared some of my favorite skincare products for maintaining moisturized skin, and it turned out to be one of my most popular posts! I’ve really enjoyed sharing more diverse content and not just focusing on outfits, so today I thought I’d share one of my favorite skincare secrets. Enter Harry’s, the men’s shaving brand.

A few weeks ago Harry’s reached out to me, and inquired about my shaving routine. During our exchange, I was informed of the misrepresentation of shaving that many of us women are completely unaware of. In fact, has anyone else never noticed that women in shaving commercials already have unshaven legs?! I’ve totally let that slip by for years! I was also clued into something called the “pink tax,” which means women pay more than men for certain items such as razors.

So, I was challenged to test out the Harry’s Shaving Kit, which comes with your razor of choice, shaving gel, two replaceable blades, a razor stand and razor cap. However, in all honesty – it was not much of “challenge” for me, because… (drumroll)… I’ve been using men’s razors for years! I discovered a long time ago that women’s razors were completely insufficient and don’t produce as close of a shave. Ever since, it’s been one of my top skincare secrets! Anyone else?

The thing I love the most about the Harry’s line is that the razor slides so smoothly on your skin. I’ve always had a problem with nicking my legs, and end up with small cuts quite often. With this razor, I was cut-free! I also like that you don’t have to repeat on the same spot over and over, which probably plays a huge factor in those tiny nicks.

Another great thing about the Harry’s shaving kit is that it comes with their own brand of shaving gel! As I conveyed to the team at Harry’s, I have two shaving gels in my shower – one is too watery, and one is too creamy. Fortunately, this gel seems to be a pretty good mix of the two! I should warn you, however, that a little goes a long way. Don’t overdo it! I certainly made that mistake my first time around.

The best thing, however, is the pricing. Like I mentioned before, women get hit with the “pink tax” so hard, but all of that is out of the window with Harry’s. You can actually purchase an entire Harry’s shaving set for just $15! Is it just me, or is one pack of those crappy plastic razors about $10?

Have you guys ever tried men’s razors before, or even the Harry’s brand?!

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  1. 10.2.17
    barristerv said:

    I never knew about the pink tax! Way to take advantage of women and with inferior product. Those razors made for women are lousy. I have tried Harry’s and it’s really good. The price is right too!

  2. 9.25.17
    Melyssa said:

    This was actually extremely informative, a lot of these things are things that I would have never even thought about. I did, however, know about the “pink tax”! Annoying.
    And I loved the little shout out at the beginning 
    Miss you already and can’t wait to come back and visit again soon!

    • 9.26.17
      Lauren O. said:

      Thank you so much, sister!! I can’t believe I didn’t know about it?! And miss you too, can’t wait to see you again!

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