Best of the Week Vol. 3

Writing these weekly roundups makes me realize just how fast a week can go by! Next week will be the 4th and that means that summer is almost half over (Eva Chen’s tweet made me aware of that yesterday morning)! Unreal. I feel like I just returned home from school!

I’m not really one to look at the glass half-empty, but rather half-full, so I prefer to think that at least there’s still a huge chunk of summer left to enjoy! I actually have a huge list of things I’d like to do this summer in Cleveland (might share it on here), so here’s hoping that time majorly slows down! Now, onto what I found this past week:

1. The incident in Charleston is absolutely devastating, and of course drew millions of reactions from Americans – amongst them the debate of whether to get rid of the Confederate flag. Unfortunately, some people are so ignorant as to what the Confederate flag even represents, which makes me so sad for our country. It’s extremely important to educate yourself.

2. On a happier note, has anyone noticed how amazing Old Navy has been this summer?! I went in the other day and found this white&blue flowy top (under $12 right now), and this striped tunic (under $13). I really wanted this top, but they didn’t have my size. I was on Desiree’s blog the other day, and couldn’t believe her beautiful embroidered top was from Old Navy, too! The entire store is up to 60% off right now, so you know what to do this weekend.

 3. This made me laugh! Anyone who binge watches Netflix knows this to be sadly all too true! I watched SIX seasons of Sons of Anarchy in THREE weeks two winters ago… so yeah………….. prooobbbabllyyy shouldn’t have admitted that. But in my defense they’re only 13 episodes, and you know how fast those go 😉

4. You know that pink Ann Taylor shirtdress everyone is wearing? Well they had 50% off over the weekend, and if you saw my tweet you know that I drove to the mall 30 minutes before it closed so I could take advantage (no way I’m paying for all that shipping)! I know, it’s a problem.

5.  I just stumbled upon Blair’s blog Blog Better by Leap and it is amazing! It’s so helpful for beginner bloggers like me! I really loved the article about using hashtags for Instagram. Although I do use them on my own Instagram, I actually hate it because it seems so spammy, but after reading the article, I’ve realized it’s okay because they’re super beneficial!

6. This is super exciting news for any Lana Del Rey lovers!!! I’ve been obsessed with her for maybe five years or so, so this is like Christmas Day for my friends and I. In fact, freshman year we would host ‘Lana forts’ on the abandoned top floor of our dorm, and cover ourselves in scarves and light candles and just listen to her LOL!

7. In case you missed it, I focused on pin-pointing my style earlier this week and how it’s been the definition of a #struggle!

Hope you guys have an eventful weekend! I’ll be celebrating my friend’s 21st birthday and I can’t wait!

Photo by Connor Moriarty

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  1. 6.28.15
    Barristerv said:

    I’m supper impressed with your new format and weekly roundup. It’s really important to be informed intellectually. That you are beautiful with a flair for fashion is an added bonus

    • 6.28.15
      Lauren O. said:

      Well thank you very much! 🙂

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