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Before I dive into today’s post, you might have noticed that the blog got a bit of a facelift! I mentioned a few weeks ago in my post on my Q2 goals that I’ve been contemplating updating my site, and I’m so happy I did! I wanted something that allowed for more features and that displays my content better, so shoutout to Empress Themes for awesome WordPress designs!

Anyways, last fall I wrote a post on four things you probably don’t know about me. While I enjoyed writing it, I don’t think it helped my readers really get to know who I am, and one of my favorite things about the blogging community is learning the lives of those that I follow! So, today I wanted to share more in-depth facts about me that I don’t believe I’ve shared before.

I’m a Communications Professional

For the past two years that I’ve been living in Chicago, I’ve worked in public relations – both as an intern and an assistant account manager. I also attend graduate school at Loyola University Chicago to receive my master’s in my field. When I was much younger I thought I wanted to be a cardiovascular surgeon, but after attending a summer science program in New Orleans, I quickly realized it was not my passion. I’ve always enjoyed writing and think it’s something I’m fairly skilled at, so I decided to major in Journalism in college. While I didn’t take any PR classes during that time, I knew I didn’t want to write for a newspaper.

Most people I encounter don’t understand what public relations is and think it’s fairly easy because it’s not finance or accounting. While we’re definitely not crunching numbers all day, it’s a lot of work to think of creative strategies to bring your clients’ visions to life, and have the knowledge and skill to execute that vision! I’ve attended concerts with the Chicago Children’s Choir (they’re the background on Chance the Rapper’s album), worked with NASA, and been part of President Obama’s Farewell Address in the city. The field of communications is always evolving, and I’m looking forward to exploring all that is has to offer!

I’m (One of) Cleveland’s Biggest Fans

Anyone who meets me in person will probably hear me rattle off that I’m from Cleveland within the first five minutes. When I was younger, I used to tell myself that it was a dying city and somewhere I could never see myself living forever. Now, all those years later, I’ve completely switched my tune! I LOVE Cleveland! Don’t get me wrong – I love Chicago, too, and think it’s a wonderful city full of many opportunities. However, there’s nothing like being in a city that’s full of your family and all of your closest friends – no comparison. Cleveland also gets a bad rap because people don’t think there’s anything to do. That’s not the case at all. Cleveland has completely revamped its image and its offerings, and there’s so much to do and see now! In fact, I’ll just leave you to read this National Geographic article on how Cleveland is one of the hottest cities in the WORLD… I may or may not have that bookmarked to whip out on the fly!

I Want to Own My Own Business

I’m actually working on a blog post about how to balance two jobs, but I love having something on the side that’s completely my own. I make the rules, I decide what I do and do not want to do, and it’s just awesome! One day I hope to open my own business (what that looks like, I’m not sure – but I’ve been brainstorming ideas), and I think it’s awesome to watch something you created from scratch transform into something completely functional and amazing! I’ve even watching my little blog grow into something I couldn’t have ever imagined!

I think the entrepreneurial spirit was instilled in me because of my mom, as she owns her own business, and I’m super excited to experience that journey!

I definitely want you guys to get to know me better, and my friend suggested doing like a monthly chat where I share updates in my life, what’s new and things like that! So, be on the lookout and have a great day!

Shop the Look:

Tee: Urban Outfitters // Jeans: Abercrombie (similar – actually have this black pair, too!) // Shoes: Kenneth Cole // Bag: Kate Spade // Belt: Gucci (got this for a steal, but unfortunately it’s sold out… here’s a dupe!) // Sunglasses: Prada

Photos by Ashlee O’Neil

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  1. 7.8.18

    I enjoyed the “Get To Know Me” post! It felt like reading a casual chat on this wonderful Sunday! Also, I love how casual and comfy this outfit looks! It’s the perfect summer get up!

    • 7.16.18
      Lauren O. said:

      So glad you enjoyed it, Sha’Carey! It was so fun to write, and the outfit has definitely been one of my go-to’s lately!

  2. 6.14.18
    Jessica said:

    Lovely read dear. So nice of you to share something about yourself. And yes, I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about the city of Cleveland, and I can’t wait to visit!

    Jessica |

    • 6.17.18
      Lauren O. said:

      Thank you, Jess! And Cleveland is seriously great! If you ever go, you’ll have to let me know!

  3. 6.13.18

    you are seriously the cutest!

    • 6.14.18
      Lauren O. said:

      Thanks so much, Kelsey!

  4. 6.11.18

    Loved reading this! I already knew some of it but always love getting to hear more about the bloggers I follow and read 🙂 {Stalker confessions}

    • 6.12.18
      Lauren O. said:

      Thanks so much, Nicole! And same haha! It’s so fun getting to know people you follow on a deeper level!

  5. 6.11.18

    Thanks for sharing! It’s always hard to walk the line of wanting to interact with your readers, and maintaining a certain level of privacy.
    Tasha Juli

    • 6.11.18
      Lauren O. said:

      I completely agree, Tasha! I feel like it’s walking a delicate balance between maintaining privacy and not oversharing! I will admit that is is kind of fun to share more glimpses into who I am!

  6. 6.11.18
    Mihaailo said:

    I love these personal type of posts! So glad that I got to know more about you, I can relate to most of the stuff written here!

    Mihaailo |

    • 6.11.18
      Lauren O. said:

      Thanks a lot, Mihaailo! Glad you liked it… I really enjoyed putting it together! 🙂

  7. 6.11.18
    barristerv said:

    I absolutely loved your post. It was really interesting. I t certainly gave me more of perspective as to what PR really is. It also goes without saying that I adore he outfit. That Gucci belt is awesome. The Kate Spade bag is a lovely color. Its’s sort of Bitter sweet.

    • 6.11.18
      Lauren O. said:

      Thank you mom lol… yes I’ve been wearing the belt a lot lately and I’m glad you have a better understanding of PR!

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