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KA3_1676The fourth of July has always been one of the holidays that I most look forward to. It’s usually spent with family or friends, but most importantly – good food 🙂 It’s honestly hard to believe it’s already here, as I remember last year’s festivities as if they just happened yesterday! 4th DRESS 1Last year was spent at our local island – Put-in-Bay- and it was one of my most memorable fourth of July’s yet, but this year will be spent more low key with my family! I think we’re going to invite a few people over for a cookout, and then try to catch some fireworks.

I have to admit, I was never one to be super festive with my outfits, but this year I’m giving it a try! I found this MINKPINK denim dress at the Rack for the biggest steal, and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since! Whenever I’ve worn it, I’ve gotten so many compliments. It’s the perfect shift dress, really. You can dress it up with heels, or make it more casual with sneakers like I’ve done here.4TH DRESS 24th of july shoesThe pockets are also an added bonus, and it’s pretty a lightweight material so you won’t get too hot. I paired it with my favorite red crossbody from ASOS, which I bought maybe two years ago (?) and I think it’s held up pretty well! And of course, my trusty converse sneakers. (Thanks to my person Kristina for convincing me to buy them 😉 ) Usually whenever you buy shoes you want them to retain that ‘new look’ for as long as possible, but am I only the one who think these look better more worn-in?4th of july ideasKA3_1657nAnyways, since I’m 5’2 the dress seems a bit long and boxy in person (I was actually told to throw on a belt, but then it wouldn’t be a dress, now would it? LOL), but it’s going to be so necessary for all of the good food that I plan on consuming this weekend!

So I hope everyone plans on having a fun, eventful, and relaxing 4th of July! Let me know if you’re doing anything super fun!4TH dress 3

Dress: MINKPINK // Bag: Old (but this is on my wish list) // Shoes: Converse via Nordstrom

Photos by Katie Ardner

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