Behind the Blogger: My New Career!

I’m back with another post in my Behind the Blogger series, which you guys seem to really love. If you’ve visited the blog or my social channels recently (you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter), then you know that I recently made a big move back home to Cleveland! It’s been a whirlwind few weeks, but I’m so happy that I made the decision.

Before I dive into what I’m doing, it’s important to note that I was not going to move back home unless I had a job – and not just any job – but a job that I actually enjoyed and one that compensated me well. Two things that are extremely important. The job hunt process was tough (I’ll be writing an entire post on how to find a job), but extremely rewarding in the end!

So, drumrolllllll… I now work at American Greetings, which is the world’s largest greeting card company! In particular, I’m an editor in the editorial department. Anyone who’s worked with me in the past knows that I’ve always been a stickler for grammar and punctuation, and my former coworkers nicknamed me Eagle Eye, so I feel right at home in the editing world. What’s even more exciting is that I finally have the ability to work in a creative environment, express my creativity, and work with like-minded individuals. I mean, seriously – while everyone is so genius at work, so many people have their own side-hustles and passions which I just love!

While greeting card land is extremely fun, it’s also a lot more analytical and numbers-based than you would think… even on the editorial side! Just know that the editor’s aren’t redlining copy all day – but card coding, engaging with product development and so much more. So, it’s been really fun indulging in the creative side of card captions and copy, while also gaining deeper insight into the business side of things and what makes the perfect card.

I’ve only been here for three weeks so far, but I already really love it and my team, and love the diverse dynamic of everyone at the company. It’s a bit (okay, maybe a big) change from my last position, so it’s been fun to learn something new. I’m someone who hates being stagnant and feeling as if I’m not growing or developing new skills, so it was definitely time for a new adventure. I miss my old coworkers tremendously and am hoping to visit them within the next few months, but am so happy with where I’m at right now!

Photo by Belen Aquino

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  1. Kate wrote:

    What a cool job! In the past, I’d applied for a few jobs with them because it seems like such an interesting place to work. Hope you’re enjoying life back in the CLE.

    Posted 2.11.19 Reply


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