The Essentials Vol. 2

IMG_2840Life has not been kind to my face, lately. All throughout middle school/high school/college I somehow never endured issues with acne, and I felt incredibly grateful. Well, things are always too good to be true because around four months ago I started getting breakouts in the same spot… in the middle of my forehead. You can imagine just how unfortunate that is.

So, I googled a bit and self-diagnosed (I self-diagnose everything… one diagnoses led to a fortunately unnecessary CT scan :/) myself with cystic acne – which I actually first learned about from Julia of Lemon Stripes! Of course every dermatologist in Cleveland has somehow been booked for the past month, but thankfully my appointment is coming up soon. In the meantime I’ve been trying different products to help soothe my issue that I’ll be writing about shortly, but that’s for another day (I know, why bring it up then?). I want to focus on these two products that I’ve been loving lately, so let’s get to it!

1. Tommy Hilfiger’s Dreaming – My friend introduced me to this product when she gave me a hug and I couldn’t get over how good she smelled! She told me the scent and I searched high and low for it in stores, but nothing. Fortunately I was able to find it online (less pricey). It’s infused with white peach, white hibiscus, freesia and other great scents, and just smells so good that I only wear it on special occasions to make it last. It’s got a nice blend of sweet and musky – not too strong of either. My favorite.

2. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm – I’ve discovered so many cool things while reading other blogs, and this is one amazing discovery that I got from Viva La Luxury. This product is a bit more expensive, but so, so worth it. Whenever my face is feeling kind of bland – especially with my new issue – I apply this all over my face for instant brightening to bring it back to life. It’s honesty like a miracle. You can also apply it as a mask at night to get a longer lasting glow the next day!

If I had to choose, I would definitely go with the beauty balm, as that helps with your overall appearance and most often, your face is your first impression!

What products have you been using lately? Please share!


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  1. I also self diagnose myself with things! My parents (and doctors) definitely wish I never discovered WebMd hahaha

    Love this list! Always looking for more beauty essentials.

    Posted 6.29.15 Reply
    • Lauren O. wrote:

      Haha so true, and it’s so refreshing to hear I’m not the only one! I told my friend the other day I wished I had my doctor’s personal cell phone number haha! And glad you like it – I’ll definitely be sharing more 🙂

      Posted 6.29.15 Reply


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