Coping After A 3-Day Weekend

I couldn’t even begin to tell you guys how hard yesterday was after the long weekend. I’m sure you can all relate, but it was impossible, my friends… impossible.

Even though we just finished the three-day weekend, I can’t help but look forward to the next one! I know I say it all the time about not wanting to rush the week away, but sometimes it’s just so difficult, and then I begin to miss college just a little bit LOL. I only miss it for superficial reasons though, like life being easier, your responsibilities being minor and for those of us lucky enough to not have classes on Friday’s – three-day weekends being every single weekend! Amazing, right? But then when you’re in college, you can’t wait to graduate!

Don’t get me wrong – life after college is super amazing, too! I have my own apartment which I love, I feel extremely independent, I’ve made lots of great friends and I’m learning new things about Chicago every day. But sometimes I just want to go back to times when there wasn’t so much pressure and stress, and my biggest worry was whether I was going to do the homework LOL. Even though that’s still a thought because #MASTERS… but you get my point!

Anyways, enough rambling. As I mentioned in Monday’s post, I’m all about cute and affordable pieces, and this dress is exactly that. Chelsea28 is one of my favorite brands from Nordstrom because they have the cutest pieces, which are mostly between $100-$150 (catching the sales, people). Are any of you familiar? I actually picked up this paisley dress for like $20 at Nordstrom Rack, and it’s the cutest thing for brunch or a night out on the town! I’m loving the paisley print and the low cut neckline makes me feel extra sassy!

Cheers to a great – but fast – week, you guys!

Dress: Chelsea28 via Nordstrom Rack (similar) // Heels: Joe’s Jean’s (similar) // Earrings: Francesca’s

Shop my favorite Chelsea28 pieces below:

Photos by Julie Kennedy

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  • 10 thoughts on “Coping After A 3-Day Weekend

    1. Maya

      It was SUCH a struggle coming back last week to work! I had a long weekend trip to KC, but I was still exhausted by the time it was Friday 😉 xx

      1. Lauren O. Post author

        Totally agree, Maya! And that sounds amazing! I’ve never been to KC but I hear it’s the perfect weekend getaway… definitely need to head there!

    2. Elizabeth Lee

      Oh, I know what you mean about those long weekends! SO impossible to recover from! I love how you look amazing all the time but you don’t spend a ton of money to do that. The sign of a true fashionista. It’s almost Friday. Hang in there beautiful girl.

      xo Elizabeth

      1. Lauren O. Post author

        I know… it’s seriously the hardest thing! And thanks so much, Liz!! You’re the sweetest, and I really appreciate it! Since I just graduated one year ago, I’m most definitely “ballin’ on a budget” LOL! Hope you had a great weekend!


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